Thursday, August 6, 2015

Craig's Crazy Leg Infection, Part 1

The following post was written 8/6/15. I saved it in drafts and am just now reading it. I've decided to post it as I wrote it and will work to followup with a second blog with what happened after this post was written.

I read a gazillion blog posts the other day by and her blog reminded me what I loved about blogging in the first place. Her unique voice and opinion, the humor and way she sees her world- so refreshing. Check her blog out, she is funny and fashionable!

Anyway, I used to just sit and let my fingers start typing and eventually the thoughts would roll and my heart would end up on the screen and I'd hit 'post'. Then somewhere along the years I figured my thoughts didn't matter and my life was too busy already. But I forgot the reason I first started blogging: for me! Putting my thoughts down helped me. I processed life and parenting and marriage through the keyboard and the freedom of blogging. I liked developing my unique written voice and figuring out what I had to say. 

Today is Thursday, August 6th. I am currently sitting at Harrison Medical Center at my husband's bedside. We went camping over the weekend with my cousin and her family. It was really fun and the kids had a blast. We were sort of "glamping" because we had showers, chlorinated pool, dish washing station, and other amenities. We did sleep in our tent and make s'mores, though! We got home Sunday and unpacked. I did tons of laundry, gave all the kids a bath, Craig put away all the camping gear, and we took the kids to DQ for blizzards before bed. That evening Craig and I both felt a little weird. My body was really sore and Craig felt out of it. I figured camping wore us out and we were a little over exposed to the hot sun while camping. We watched some tv and went to bed. 

Monday morning I woke up and our bed was empty so I thought Craig went to work. I walked out to the kitchen and he was quietly moaning on the couch. "Oh crap", I thought. He said he'd been up since 3am and felt miserable. I took his temp, it was 102. We thought he had the flu. I had a 10:30am appointment with the kids so I took a shower and left with the kids, giving him a quiet home to rest in. When I got back his left leg was a bit swollen and red and he said he thought he had Staph again. He has had an infection in that leg a few times (we don't know why), but always minor and treated easily with antibiotics. Never high fevers or missing work. This was different. 

Craig became incoherent and cranky. He was unable to answer questions about how he felt or what he wanted to do. His leg slowly got worse. I gathered up the kids and Craig and we headed to drop the kids at my mom's house and I took Craig to the Urgent Care. They diagnosed it as Staph and gave him a shot of antibiotics in the glute and sent us home with a script for Bactrim, which they said would kill staph, strep, and mrsa. We went home and he promptly fell asleep. I went to Safeway to fill scripts and gas up the car. I went home and woke him up to take meds, and then went to my moms the rest of the day to give him quiet to sleep until his next dose of meds. I brought the kids home for bed and then watched some tv and went to sleep. Craig did nothing but sleep. His temp never went below 102.  Tuesday came and things were honestly looking worse. Midday his temp spiked to 104. He was really out of it and still not able to eat. I couldn't force more than an ounce of protein shake or water down him. Tuesday the "shit got real" for me. This wasn't acting or responding at all like the staph infections he had previously had. The meds seemed to do nothing. I was having flashbacks to his accident 9 years ago. Emotions welled up and I held back tears. I felt like I should take him to the ER but questioned my intuition (women- trust your intuition!). The Urgent Care Dr said to give it 36 hours.....I didn't want to overreact. I kept monitoring his temp and leg and debating over and over what to do. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the financial aspect of it all. We are still paying off my surgery from last September and here we are again. Our deductible is $12.5k and Craig also doesn't have sick leave. Loss of pay AND medical bills? Yup, it really sucks. I didn't want to overreact and have it cost us $5k. Without medical training, it is sometimes hard to know what warrants a hospital visit. 

Tuesday night Craig decided he felt a little better. His temp was down to 102 and he wanted to stay home for the night. Our kids were snug in their beds so I said ok. I went to lay down in bed and checked out the interweb for signs of sepsis and felt very concerned that we were heading that direction. It was hard to sleep. I was worried. Wednesday morning came and he had not improved at all. It had been 36 hours so we headed back to the Urgent Care. I dropped the kids at my mom's house on the way. I hoped somehow the Urgent Care could help and we could avoid the hospital. I can see now that I knew in my gut he was beyond that. The Urgent Care Dr (not the same one we first saw) said, "uh wow, I'm going to be honest here....this is bad. He needs to be in the hospital." He wrote up a letter explaining everything for the ER and we headed to Bremerton Harrison, about 40min away. 

We arrived at the ER and waited a short time for a bed. Craig was super duper dehydrated and finding a vein was tricky. Took 3 nurses working hard to get one. They did an ultrasound to check for blood clots, checked his lactic acid level, various blood tests, etc. He got 2L of fluid and iv antibiotics. He started to seem more "with it" and didn't look so awful. The ER Dr said this is for sure NOT staph but is strep cellulitis and it is resistant to the medicine Urgent Care gave him. *face palm*. They decided to send Craig home on a 24 hour trial. He was instructed to get up every 3-4 hours to pee and avoid blood clots and to eat and drink as much as he could. We got scripts for pain meds and a different antibiotic. I wanted to feel hopeful. His fever was gone when we left the ER. 

We went home and I got him settled with water so I could go back to Safeway for the new meds.  He was awake and watching tv while I was gone. When I got home I tried to make him a eat a sandwich, drink water, and even tried to bribe him with his favorite snacks. He could barely eat. He took meds and quickly passed out. I left to go to my mom's to help give my kids a bath and bring them home for bed. 

Craig slept on the couch again. When I went to bed around midnight his leg had not improved at all and his temp was up around 100. I had a feeling we'd be back at the hospital sooner than later. Craig woke me at 6am feeling awful. His head hurt, ears hurt, legs hurt, and he couldn't sleep. I got him all his meds again and went to lay down some more since our kids were still asleep. 

Our sweet 2 year old, having missed his nap for 6 days, slept til 9:40am. So I did, too. When I got up I realized we needed to pack up and head back to the hospital. I called my mom and asked if she could take the kids again, then hopped in the shower and packed up stuff for the kids for the day. We dropped the kids at my mom's house and did the 40min drive to the hospital yet again. The ER decided to admit him. They ran more tests, gave more iv be continued.

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