Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, I am here!

Hello? Heeellloooo? It's an echo here in the world of my blog. A dark cave I have sadly forgotten about. Here we are welcoming in 2016 and I'd like to be present here again. As I look back on past blogs I sometimes chuckle at the things my kids did, sometimes I'm embarrassed at my attitude or behavior or logic, yet I appreciate the snapshot of that moment in time. I appreciate that there is always room to learn and improve.

Also, ermagerd my blog is ridiculously busy and outdated and un user friendly. I need to charge up the ol' laptop and try to make this thing a little simpler. It's almost midnight, so I'll save that for another day. I wish I had a programmer bestie who could just whip it into shape in trade for some clean laundry or somethin'!

Maybe just some updates tonight.
Me-I have been working out and eating low carb for almost a year! I am honestly surprised that I've been so consistent and I'm proud of that. My weight ebbs and flows between 25-36lbs down (that's a story for another day). I am currently 30lbs from my ultimate goal! I did two 60-day rounds of PiYo, 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix, took up running, and have stayed active. I just started another round of PiYo today. Eating is tough, I love carbs and eating low carb is a buzzkill. I track everything in MyFitnessPal (FrazierMama) and work on eating between 50-100g of complex carbs a day. I avoid sugar, pasta, rice, bread, high sugar fruits like bananas, Etc.
I started a supplement, called Ovasitol, last February and after 3 months on it I got a cycle and have had one every month since. Working on getting them predictable. No one likes a surprise shark attack, amirite?
I have become a runner. That is crazy. I can run 5 miles currently! I found out a couple months ago I for sure have asthma so I got an inhaler and that has helped a ton. I find running to be a challenge and extremely therapeutic for me. It continually shows me I am more capable than I ever realized. Exercise is a big portion of mental health support for me. It has become a necessity.

Craig- He is still Mr Handy and fixes all-the-things. He had a major leg infection last August that put him in the hospital. It was scary and got touch and go for a couple days. I have a drafted blog from that week and haven't been able to post yet.....it was a terrible time. Anywho, he survived and still deals with chronic issues caused by that leg infection. Hopefully this year more healing will occur and if it does he will need a surgery to prevent it's recurrence. Surgery now would just cause more harm. Anywho....he works for the same company, 2015 marked 10 years, which I think is awesome for a guy who is only 37.  He is an amazing dad. Just today Evie told me how bummed she is that I married him first {before she had a chance}. Haha

Eliana- She is 7 and in 1st grade. Man, she is a smart little thing. Reading 4th grade level and constantly excited about learning new things (oh no, not a braggy braggerson!Sorry, not sorry, hehe). Information is exciting and a thrill for Eliana. I absolutely love that about her. Hmmm...maybe soon she can proofread my blog??? Yes, let's put a pin in that. Kidding....sort of. Elly is well spoken, sensitive, and she feels deeply. She is very aware and so encouraging. She is a special human. I am excited to see how God uses her life.

Evangeline- She is 5 and still has gorgeous big brown eyes. She recently donated a foot of hair because, "mom, there are kids with NO hair, I don't need all of this hair!" Evie is shy unless it's family or good friends. She is cautious and doesn't like the spotlight. She is super excited for Kindergarten this fall and currently she is the best playmate to her little brother. Evie has an amazing voice and a natural rhythm that boggles my mind. She can really sing, that one! Maybe she'll love the spotlight someday.

Solomon- He is 2 and such a little man. He adores Captain America  or "Erica" as he calls him. He likes to live most days in his Captain or Iron Man costume. We keep telling him, "they're the good guys, stop using the shield to hurt your sisters!" Lol. He is chatty and engaged and busy all of the time. Sol started sleeping in his own crib in July. Thank you, Jesus. He still wakes multiple times a night and that just sucks, but progress is progress. Sol has blonde hair and blue eyes and is
stubborn.....no idea where he gets that from. *why is everyone looking at me?*

There are a million things I could say after having basically not blogged in a year....but I will tackle it one bit at a time. Thanks for being here, in this disco era cave of a blog. I'll spruce it up soon. Promise!


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