Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Long overdo update

Hello again. Somehow blogging felt so much easier when I had two kids...adding that 3rd and very busy little one eliminated that chunk of time or gusto I had left for blogging. I think blogging is like most things, the more we do it, the more we find time for it. I mean, I never miss a cup of morning coffee, right? Priorities ;)

We're now expecting our 4th baby in May, 2017. Life will likely be as busy as ever. I know everyone says once you get past 2 kids it doesn't get much harder, but here's the deal: each kid is more laundry (Ohhhh, the laundry), another child to bathe, another set of teeth to brush, another child to feed, another child to take to activities, another child to help with homework, etc. So yeah, maybe not harder per se, depending how we define hard, but it's more time and more work. It creates a feeling of busyness, even if we never leave the house. There is never NOT something to do. Ya know?

I am 19 weeks today and feeling mostly good. Tired. Quite tired. But I haven't been nauseous and so far the baby is doing well. Our genetic screening came back today with everything looking good. I have our 20 week ultrasound in about a week. We will not be finding out gender this time. I've had two ultrasounds already, so for those wondering about twins, nope, just one.

I kept running til about 12 weeks and then it just got too hard. I had to pee every 1/2 mile, my feet felt 'weird', and it just didn't feel good anymore. My asthma has also gotten worse, which is fairly common in pregnancy. I have continued HIIT workouts, both at home and with my local Stroller Strides group. The only thing I really can't do right now is situps (my ab muscles are too separated and it hurts). I plan to keep working out and pushing myself as long as I can. I rest more when needed and don't push to the same level as before.  But in pregnancy, if you are having a hard time breathing, that means oxygen is restricted to the baby as well. So, I'm listening to my body more. Talk about opposite of the running mindset pre-pregnancy! Running before was all about "mind over matter", "your body will do what your mind tells it to". I pushed and pushed and forced my body into submission. It was awesome! I was running 8 miles of hills, in 75-80 degree weather, with 130lbs of double stroller in May of this year. I was a lean, mean, tell my body to do anything machine!
Woohoo! I started some new meds in early June to help better manage my PCOS (things that working out and weight loss still hadn't fixed) and the meds made me gain weight right away. I was just trying to deal with that and sort it out and then I found out in September I was pregnant. Hmmmm.....took me a bit to adjust to this. I had worked so stinking hard to lose weight and become super fit. I knew this would all change to some degree. I had to adjust expectations. Especially about my weight. I do feel a bit like I'll be starting all over once this baby comes and it will be even harder with 4 children needing me. But, now I know how strong and capable I am (really, we all are ;)), so I hope I can remember that and find that inner beast again. I gained weight slowly during Solomon's pregnancy, this one I feel like I'm getting big all over, not just my belly. I'm not a fan of that, but there's only so much I can do. Each pregnancy is different. This one is already almost half over. Wow.


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