Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just realized it's been over a week since I last posted. Time has flown by once again!

My birthday was last Friday so Craig and I went out to see Eclipse (finally!!! and loved it!) and got Thai food. We chuckled at dinner remembering the first time we left Eliana to go out to eat (probably for only 2 hours or less). I could hardly have a normal conversation because I was thinking about her the whole time and I felt sad leaving her. Now a whole year later I didn't even think about her the whole movie and barely during dinner. Takes practice to forget our children, I guess! No, I'm only kidding. But it is funny how things change as they get older and we are more experienced (and maybe wiser) and we gain the ability to have space from our children without a panic attack ensuing. I realize some mothers are able to do this with a very new baby but that was not the case for me. With Eliana's 4 months of colic I never left her (at all!) and then even after that she was still breastfeeding full time and we could never get her to take a bottle. And honestly when your whole life revolves around a screaming baby it hardly seems important to force a bottle on them on top of whatever their little body is facing. I never really minded having to be solely available for feeds for her and knew it would be a fleeting time in both of our lives and sure enough it was. The 14 months Elly nursed passed in a blink and I'm looking forward to the whole experience again with the new baby.

As you can see from the newly installed blog ticker, I am 23 weeks pregnant now :)  I've gained a total of 4lbs which I realize is sort of fantastic, but there is a very real part of me that was super bummed that I gained anything at all. I mean, to go over 5 months with zero weight gain kind of got my hopes up that I would make it the whole time like that. I know, I know, totally unrealistic!
In case you're wondering, or forgot, here's an estimate on what the baby making necessities in our body weigh during pregnancy:

Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy? (taken from http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/healthy-weight-gain)


8 pounds


2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid-

2-3 pounds

Breast tissue-

2-3 pounds

Blood supply-

4 pounds

Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding-

5-9 pounds

Uterus increase-

2-5 pounds


25 to 35 pounds

Clearly I already have the 5-9lbs of necessary fat stores ;), but the other stuff is happening as I write and thus requires a bit of weight gain. I'm just going to do my best to keep a reign on it and let's hope the total number stays fairly minor. Baby girl is growing and moving like crazy and I am showing like crazy! I mean, wow, I'm pretty sure my belly was maybe this size or slightly bigger when I delivered Eliana! To be honest I did weigh 30lbs more at Eliana's delivery than I am right now, but that was a TON of fluid (thank you preeclampsia) and some fat that was there before I got pregnant with her. This time there's definitely more belly happening-
And yes, I think I look tan, too. Thank you for noticing, lol. For those of you not in Kitsap County, it's been in the 80's and even 90's this month. If I was still in my teens I'd be nearly black by now having applied tanning oil and baking in the sun every day. As a pregnant mama with way too much blood I overheat quite quickly. So it's been 15 spf and little spurts in the sun as I can handle. Apparently pregnant women tend to have photo-sensitivity making them tan (or burn) better.
Some of you I'm sure are wondering if baby girl 2 has a name.....well yes, I'm sure she does, we just don't know what it is yet! As of today I feel like she might not have a name until we see her in the hospital, but then again things can change in 4 months. We definitely have a name list, we're just having a hard time picking one for her. And really it's not the end of the world, she'll have her whole life to use whatever name we choose. My issue is that by not picking one we risk a close friend or family member using a name we wanted. I know those of you who have been TTC for a while have already faced that. So, we'll see.

I can't believe next week is August already! Craig's son arrives in about 2 weeks, well, that is if his mother decides to put him on the flight. Why would she not put him on the flight you ask? Because she said the time of day isn't convenient for her. Nevermind that it's an afternoon flight and it's the exact day the parenting plan states we are to have him. We also booked the flight 1 1/2 months in advance to give her plenty of warning.
Craig put a call into our attorney last week to see what we can do if she decides to not let him come. Basically, she'll be in contempt. That means we can file a contempt motion with the courts and go from there. Typically when a person is found in contempt that person is responsible to pay all legal fees associated with the contempt motion because they are the ones causing all the court hassle. Our attorney re-read our parenting plan and agreed with us that no time constraints are placed on the travel day, simply that each parent is responsible for transporting the child to the airport for the flight.
So the X's new rule that she won't take Jacob to the airport before 5pm isn't anywhere in our parenting plan and won't hold up in court. It's trivial and her trying to make life difficult for everyone other than her. I should also note that they live about 45 minutes or less from the airport. We on the otherhand live 1 1/2 hours from the airport (Tacoma construction traffic anyone? Ugh)- so who is really having to rearrange their schedule? My dear husband. And like Craig told the X, "It's only 2 times a year you have to rearrange your schedule, and I have to rearrange mine as well." Honestly I think she's just ticked we're taking him again. We couldn't have him last August since she left Vegas and didn't tell us where the heck they were. Apparently they were on a 'road trip' and ended up in Maryland where her 'husband' got a new job. After less than a month she decided she didn't like Maryland and hightailed it back for Vegas- leaving her husband in MD since he signed a contract to stay and work there. Jacob's account of that month was that they didn't have any money and he was drinking half and half instead of milk since it was all they could afford. Which seems awfully weird since she was still getting a check from us every week, but whatever.
Anyway, drama as usual, but we're just praying for Jacob's sake that the X can swallow her pride and numerous issues and take him to the stinking airport. It's truly unfair that she makes us live our life in limbo while we always have the courtesy to book flights a month or more out and we've never considered or threatened not putting him on a flight. Even when she flaked out and made us pay the unaccompanied minor fee both ways. Seems we've gone above and beyond.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Freebies and Deals ;)

I am a deal finder, plain and simple. When you live on one regular sized income, you pretty much have to be!

Craig and I share our birthday week (him being 5 years older) and we totally score on freebies that week. Here's a list of some of our favorites and one's you can easily do :) This is also super fun with kids since they get to go around getting their free stuff !

Red Robin- Free Gourmet Burger (wow, that's $10 free!) http://www.redrobin.com/eclub/

Pretzel Time- Free small pretzel bites http://pretzelmaker.fbmta.com/members/UpdateProfile.aspx?Action=Subscribe&InputSource=W

Coldstone Creamery- Free Like It Create Your Own Creation http://www.coldstonecreamery.com/birthday/birthday_club.aspx

Jack in the Box- Free Birthday Dessert ( chocolate overload cake, new york cheesecake, or 5 piece mini churros) http://www.jackinthebox.com/sign-up/

Dairy Queen- Buy one get one free Blizzzard http://www.blizzardfanclub.com/join/

Papa Murphys- Free Cookie Dough with purchase of any pizza http://papamurphys.com/?gclid=CNnY843M-KICFRB1gwoddhGlhQ#eClub

The Melting Pot- Free chocolate fondue http://www.themeltingpotclubfondue.com/

Silver City Brewery- $10 off $10 purchase (you'll also receive a wedding anniversary coupon) http://www.silvercitybrewery.com/benefits_programs.htm#rewards

Arbys- Free something (can't remember, but you also get a free coupon just for signing up) https://arbysextras.fishbowl.com/forms/arbys/join.asp



Got back yesterday from a weekend camping at Dosewallips State Park. Eliana did really well, surprisingly. Our group decided to share a huge campsite, so we had 4 tents on the rear of the site and then our food area towards the road. Luckily the site was shaded so the tents didn't get hot during the day.

Friday night Eliana went to sleep around 8 or 9 and cried for 30 minutes at least before passing out (new place and it was still light out). She got up at 7am, which for her is REALLY early. She napped for maybe an hour that day. Saturday night she went right to sleep at 8pm and slept til 8:30am. That's still a bit early for her, but for us being camping and it being cold and light out, I was impressed. To help with sleeping we had a sound machine on pretty high and the tent next to us did as well so there was decent white noise (although the morning crows were still much louder). I had purchased a Coleman tent fan/light for the ceiling of the tent for $30 at Target. I was hoping it would add more white noise but it was honestly a waste. It added zero noise and we never used the light. I'll be returning it today. We also had a dark colored queen sized sheet we put over her playpen once she had fallen asleep. It helped keep out light in the mornings and maybe the cold, too.

Mealtimes were easy. Each part of the 4 family group brought something for the meal. Like for chili someone brought the chili, someone brought cornbread/honey/butter, someone brought fritos/cheese/sourcream, etc. Made life simple for the mom's to only have to bring a portion of it. The little kids ate jarred baby food (way easier than making your own camping) and the two 'older' kids (21 months and 3) ate whatever we were eating along with other kid-friendly foods we packed. For Elly I packed: mandarin orange slices, peas, hard boiled eggs, lunchmeat, cheese, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, milk, filtered water. We brought her high chair that mounts on a regular chair at home and just put it on the ground at the campsite (yes it did get filthy and yes it all washed off :) ). She did great, ate whenever she was hungry and meals weren't an issue at all. Craig did have to go buy more ice on Saturday to keep the dairy stuff cold.

In hindsight, I should've brought Eliana more toys. The other mom's came well prepared and Elly played with their toys all weekend.

A few musts for camping with children:
~Clothes for heat and cold as the temp is dramatically different at night from the day (Elly had her winter coat on in the morning and then shorts and a t-shirt by the afternoon and then was bundled up again at night)
~Lots of blankets, snugglies, baby dolls, stuffed animals, etc- whatever makes your child feel safe and at 'home' for sleeping time
~More clothes than you think you'll need- they get SO dirty!
~Tons of wet wipes; you'll use them for much more than baby's hiney
~High chair (or Bumbo if they're not in a high chair yet)
~Toys, buckets, shovels, etc (a plastic tub filled with toys seemed to work great)
~ Sound machine with new batteries if your child is used to a quiet sleep setting (ours was $20 at Walmart and we use it every night at home)
~ Basic first aid kit; tylenol, band-aids, neosporin, etc
~ Clean water
~ Snacks you can take with you (granola bars, fruit, etc) for walks or leaving the campsite
~ A book or something for mommy to do while baby naps

Eliana was a good age for camping and did pretty well just hanging out and playing. We had to watch her like a hawk by the fire of course since 'don't touch that it's really hot!' is still a vague concept, but 21 months seems a good age for camping. On our camping trip there was an almost 3 month old (nursing full time, slept well, camped great), a 7 month old (bottles, jarred baby food, used a Bumbo, ate, slept, and camped great), a 9 month old ( had a huge blankie covered in toys for her to play on, ate in a high chair, did wonderful), a 21 mo old and a 3 year old. Wow, right? They all did great though and it was a fun trip. Hopefully we can also go next year. Baby 2 will be 7 or 8 months and probably not crawling yet if she follows her big sister's footsteps which would make her the ideal age. It's tough when they are crawling and not walking since camping consists of dirt, grass, bugs, rocks, etc.

We got home around 1:30 yesterday and I finally finished the laundry at about 1pm today- so yeah, lots of laundry! I can't stand the campfire smoke smell once we're not at the campsite. But despite the laundry and unpacking we still managed to all take showers/bathe, and head to Red Robin for dinner. Craig and I both ate free since our birthdays are 6 days apart and we get the free Gourmet Burger coupons- total steal :) http://www.redrobin.com/eclub/default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 That means we got dinner for $5 (Elly's meal) plus tip.

And I have to add about our camping experience that it's mostly my husband who puts in all the hard work. He loaded everything up in the car, unloaded everything at the campsite, set up the tent and playpen, filled our queen size sleep mattress, unpacked and put all the camping stuff away at home, and vaccumed out our car. I just packed and unpacked our clothes and the food- he did the real work :)

Eliana and Anneliese playing. Elly totally looked up to Anneliese and always wanted to copy her. (Notice the organized dish washing area? Thank you Tawny!)

Look closely and you'll see 4 tents.

Eliana and Anneliese making soup by the Dosewallips River.

Gorgeous sunbathing mama's! Wait, is this an Ergo ad? :)

Daddy and Elly. She just had to sit on the log like daddy. She looks so tall here.


    Ok, this pic looks like barf to me; no makeup, no shower, etc. but it's proof that I was in fact there (and baby number 2 at 22 weeks) :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've been so busy this past week, the days are flying by and there's not much time left for blogging! As you in the Pacific Northwest know, there was a heat wave here last week. 94 degrees is pretty darn hot when only a supposed 14% of people have A/C in their homes (we have a window unit that works ok). Thursday was Point no Point beach with some other mommies and kiddos and the breeze kept us nice and cool. Eliana is still a bit OCD about sand in her toes. Or her fingers. Or on her blanket. Or on her snack. Etc. Not the best place for her but eventually maybe she'll get used to it. She simply hates being dirty! Friday we went to a friend's house on Lake Tahuyeh, boy was it a hot day. And I can barely remember what our weekend was but it flew by.

I am exhausted, like can barely keep my eyes open at this point. Elly is sleeping great at night so I can't complain about that, I'm just so worn out. Chasing a toddler, trying to keep up on household stuff, and grow a new baby at the same time is taking a toll. I thought the 2nd semester was supposed to mean more energy? I will keep hanging in there and hoping for more energy. Yawn.

I am 21 weeks and 2 days and it's flying by for the most part. I have a pregnancy journal and it seems every time I open it up I'm behind 2 weeks. That never would've happened my first pregnancy. I lived by my pregnancy books and would read ahead in anticipation. Now I'm lucky to find time to fill in info about doctor appointments. Poor 2nd child, already getting the shaft. She is very active though, perhaps to remind me, "hey, I'm in here!" Not that I really forget, but sometimes I kind of do. I'm running around busy all day keeping up with an almost 2 year old and then she goes to bed and I sit on the couch and it's like, oh wow, there's a baby in there! :) I feel her move every day, usually a few times per day. I didn't notice Elly's movements til maybe 20 or 21 weeks and then it was sporadic (wanna know how tired I am? I originally spelled this 'spiratic' lol) after that for a couple weeks. With this one I've been feeling her since 16 weeks and it's very consistent now.

Hmmm....what else.....the garden is doing really well. Although the heat nearly killed my sweet peas and basil. One of the pea plants was the casualty. I watered 2x a day but it just wasn't enough. The corn and zucchini never cease to amaze me, growing like crazy. I also have blueberries! I really wish when I'd planted them a few years ago I would've put them in a full sunlight area though. I don't get a great volume because of their location, but maybe I'll move them eventually.
Eliana loves eating peas out of the garden, which is rewarding as a mother on a few levels; 1) she loves veggies, 2) I grew those veggies, 3) isn't she cute!

Alright, here's the veggies today:

Corn at 3 weeks old. Thinned them out a lot today but I have more thinning to do. I hate feeling like I'm killing them though!

Sweet pepper coming in. Planted them about 3 weeks ago, they obviously take longer than corn.

And my beloved zucchini going bonkers. The leaves are so strong and incredible! It's cool to see how it grows. These large beautiful yellow flowers on a semi-thin stalk appear out of nowhere and then within days the flower falls off and the stalk becomes the zucchini. Amazing.

Totally different subject, but we are going camping this weekend with three other couples who also have small children. This will be my first foray into camping with a toddler. We have a large 2 room tent and Eliana will be in her playpen for sleeping. The lack of darkness will be tricky so I'm assuming she'll be staying up much later than 7pm at night and probably getting up a heck of a lot earlier than her 10 am wakeups this week. I figure it's only a couple days and we'll make do. She can sleep when we get home and I'm sure I will too! And lucky me the three other moms going are great cooks as well and we're sharing breakfasts and dinners. It's the way to go!
I'll let ya'll know what I learn about camping with kiddos :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodwill. Ewww? Not anymore :)

A friend of mine totally inspired me to find some deals at Goodwill last week. Now I'll admit, Goodwill isn't really my thing (at least it wasn't). But here comes Saturday and I'm hanging out and I have this strong feeling that we need to go to Goodwill. This actually makes me laugh since it's so opposite something I would normally feel. Craig was totally onboard since he's a born garage-sailer and I deprive him of that joy. I mean, something about garage sales weirds me out. I think it's because you're looking at other people's stuff and they're watching you look at it. It's the awkward, "hi, how are you?" , "uh, fine, thanks (and no I will not be buying your old socks)". LOL. Goodwill at least provides the anonymity. So, off to Goodwill we go. The main goal was a breadmaker since that's what my friend found. We ended up finding a Barbie Trike that we were seriously headed to Walmart to buy that day anyway, only for $5 instead of $20. I was so surprised to see it, the exact same one! Then Craig found a new Bumbo for $5 and we scored 2 dozen matchbox cars for Elly and a big Dora swim doll. We also got Elly an adorable Gymboree summer outfit for about $3.
Elly's crib bumper is crappy, it never stays up and despite that it cost like $20 at Target, it's just horrible. I figured anything would be better at this point. What we found was a beautiful Laura Ashley bumper in great shape, not missing any ties, and......only $1.50!

Ok, so the breadmaker...there was one. It looked pretty darn old and well used. I didn't recognize the brand and we decided to try the Silverdale Goodwill ( I know, right? 2 Goodwills in one day, that's a huge step for me!).
The Silverdale Goodwill as it turns out has a much different selection. They had hardly any big toys and only a handful of kitchen appliances (I guess breadmakers fly off the shelves there, so you have to check back often). The kids clothes drove me bonkers at Silverdale because they were all mixed up in different sizes. They apparently organize by 'style' not size. I remembered this from opening weekend, but figured they would've fixed it by now. The maternity clothes were the same way. In order to find size M or L pants you have to look through the whole 'pants' section since they're all mixed in together. SUCH a hassle. I have no idea why they don't do it the same way as Bremerton. I was too irritated to stay and sift through the masses of clothes. BUT, I did find another bumper (after Craig reminded me we'll be needing two). It's perhaps even nicer than the other one and it was $5. So, two great bumpers for $6.50. I couldn't have even made them for that. Craig also found a Carhartt sweatshirt for $6 and I grabbed Elly a jean jacket, too.

Once we got home I checked out breadmakers and realized the brand I didn't recognize is actually almost $200 at Target! Zojirushi, who would've known? Once we figured that out I had to send Craig back down the road to get the one from Bremerton so I could try it out. It was 7.99. Once I cleaned it it didn't look nearly as old (although judging by the manual it's probably older than me). Last night I finally got to give it a shot. And whaddya know, it makes bread!
There she is, my first beautiful loaf of good ol' white bread!

I have to admit I am shocked the machine actually worked and then totally surprised at how stinking easy it is to make bread in a bread machine! You just measure the ingredients into the baking pan and don't even have to melt the butter. Wow. I will definitely be trying other kinds of bread as we don't typically eat plain white bread in our home.
Last night it was so rewarding to look out my kitchen window and see my garden growing like crazy and then smell my breadmaker doing it's job. I pretty much love being able to do this kind of stuff and feel more self-sufficient. I honestly don't remember my mom making her own bread or growing her own veggies (sorry if you did!), so this has all been an experiment for me and I really like it :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Veggies, yay!

It's so incredible how quickly things change in the garden. One day there's nothing, the next there's a flower, and the next there's a little baby zucchini! I love it!
And not to sound stupid, but Craig and I have never seen vegetables grow from nothing to something like this before. It's just awesome how God designed everything to grow and need so little help to do it. The peas are just these little tiny baby peas and the green beans are like Barbie size green beans. And we already have two little zucchinis :) The yellow corn I planted less than 2 weeks ago from seed (er, kernel) is already over 2 inches tall. WOW! My basil is flowering, too.
I'm still waiting on my cucumbers, eggplant, and sweet peppers.
Here are the babies:


Green Beans
Sweet peas

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, Craig was right! I am quite a bit surprised, but happily so. Not that either one would've been bad, but this gender is more in my comfort zone for now :)

So, the verdict is.........

Another little princess is joining the Frazier family! My official due date is Nov 21st. She was measuring a little big for our dates, but I'm not planning on changing the due date. I know the day I ovulated and I'd rather her come 'early' than me be pressured to induce. She's 11oz so far and looks healthy and beautiful. The ultrasound pics weren't super clear, but we're going back in a month for better shots of the heart. She, just like Elly, was hiding her heart from us :) Heartrate was 167, so that's good. She was super squirmy all day today and sure enough was moving a lot on the ultrasound. It's so amazing to see their little bodies, especially the spine on an ultrasound. Their bodies are so tiny and delicate, yet so perfectly and amazingly formed.

Every time I see an ultrasound I am reminded again why I am adamantly Pro-Life ;)

Psalm 139:14-16 (New International Version)

" I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,

I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was

woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."