Monday, December 26, 2011

Cinnamon and Applesauce Ornaments- DIY

A few days ago our neighbors invited us over for homemade cookies and a fun afternoon of painting homemade ornaments. It was actually super fun and something I could see doing every year with the kids. I thought I'd share the recipe to make them :)

Christmas Ornaments (poke hole for ribbon)

1 Cup cinnamon
1 Cup applesauce 
(you can easily increase the recipe- just keep the cinnamon and applesauce a 1 to 1 ratio)

Mix together into dough. Roll out to ¼ inch thickness. Cut out with cookie cutters. Bake at 225degrees for 1 hour. Cool. Paint. String with thread and hook on an ornament hook. Done :)
Aren't they cute? The kids loved this! What a fun memory. I wrote their name and the year with a sharpie on the back. As for the paint, any craft store (and even Walmart) has tons of bottles of colors for a couple bucks.

This is my snow globe, I think it sort of rocks.

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