Thursday, October 11, 2012

Barbie Cake- take two :)

Guess what I'll be doing tonight at approx 7pm? Yup! Making another Barbie cake. Last year I did THIS. My dear Eliana is up for yet another birthday.....she'll be 4 tomorrow. 4 is making me kind of sad. It's that number that is for-sure-no-longer-a-toddler. It's also the age Jacob was when I met him. And he's 12 now, proof that the years really do fly by!  To think that I'll blink and Eliana will also be 12 freaks me out!

For her birthday party tomorrow night she has asked for fettucini alfredo and a Barbie cake. I have 3 cake mixes all baked and chilling in the fridge and once she's in bed tonight I'll get to work.

For now, I'm working on decluttering my kitchen counters. I swear, they are the catch all for EVERYTHING. It just builds up and builds up and then pretty soon my only cooking prep space is over the sink. I'm not kidding. This ol' house is great, but there isn't anywhere that is an office space or craft space or 'place for paperwork', so it piles on the kitchen counters or the dining room table. Yeah, I have to clear that thing off, too. On top of that the laundry area is in the cold, unfinished basement. So clean laundry gets brought upstairs for folding and ....yep, ends up on the dining room table.

Then sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by the clutter and don't do anything. Doesn't help, of course, but it's true. Craig and Jake are both 'collectors'. They collect piles of stuff all over the house. Jake doesn't want to put things in his room because then he has to go all the way up to his room to get it. It is a bit of a trek.  And, like me, Craig has no place for organizing and storing things. We don't even have a garage. So, piles it is. Ugh.

Etsy piles. Ebay piles, Canning piles. Kid's crafts piles. Mail piles. And on it goes.

Wish me luck on Barbie-caking tonight!
~ Diana

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