Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Crock Pot Apple Sauce

Who knew making your own apple sauce was SO easy?

I learned how to make it last fall and am now making it again as our trees are full of apples and the neighbor is sharing his, too. I currently have two crock pots simmering full of apples. One with Diana's Crock pot Apple Butter and the other with Easy Crock pot Apple Sauce. I also have the dehydrator full of apple first time ever using the dehydrator that I bought used from a friend. It's gonna smell amazing in here in the morning!

So, how do you make applesauce at home?

Step 1: Peel, core, and slice apples. I use a Pampered Chef corer/slicer (actually my dear hubby does it for me). If you have an immersion blender then you don't need to peel the apples. I will have one someday....

Step 2: Fill your crock pot with all the apples. They 'shrink' as they cook, so don't be afraid to really fill it up! I use a 6qt crock pot, so it holds a lot of apples.

Step 3: Add any extras you want. You can put in a couple Tbsp of apple pie spice or pumpkin pie spice . If you are using tart apples, you can add in some 100% apple or white grape juice at this point to naturally sweeten your applesauce (a 1/2 cup should do). Vanilla is also yummy added in. Or just leave the sauce in it's apple-y wholesome unedited state. I personally prefer to not add any sugars :)

Step 4: Turn on low for 5-7 hours.

Step 5: When the apples are super soft, mix with a wooden spoon until desired smoothness (I kind of like it a bit lumpy). If you didn't peel your apples, now would be the time to use your immersion blender.
(this was made with the skins on, so it's darker)

BAM: It's ready to eat! Applesauce is awesome over pancakes, as the sauce on a dessert pizza, mixed with rosemary and poured over pork chops, and eaten straight out of the jar like the Sports Candy it is....this is where all the parents of young kids start laughing. Not sure why? Click on the link :)

**If you'd like to can your apple sauce I would suggest a 30 min hot water bath. But overall, follow the canning instructions that came with your canning pot. Apple sauce cans SO well, but you can also freeze it.

~ Diana, The Vintage Farm Girl

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